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This website is for those of you who have thought about trying to draw or paint from a still life, but who don't know where to begin. It is an extension of my Working From Still Life class.

Working from still life enables the artist to concentrate on the simple shapes within a larger, more complex object. The effects and patterns of light and shadow can be studied carefully. A comprehensive understanding of color relationships can be gleaned by painting from still lifes.

Working from a still life allows the artist to take as much - or as little - time needed to work on an object or set up.

It has been said that Cezanne preferred to paint from still life because he was a slow painter, and since a still life wouldn't move, he could take as long as he wanted.

This website is dedicated to all of the slow artists - past, present, and future!

We are currently under development, so check back periodically for new material!